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AnglingInBangladesh.Com was formed with the idea of promoting game fishing in Bangladesh. It was formed in September 2011 with the vision of building an angling community in Bangladesh.  Currently, AnglingInBangladesh.Com is the largest angling community in the country and it has the most reliable network of information in the arena of Bangladeshi game fishing.

In 2012, a company was formed in the name of A.I.B. TOURS under the address of G-26/1, Bank Colony, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. And AnglingInBangladesh.com comes directly under the supervision of A.I.B. TOURS. It has been licensed as a travel agency and tour operator to provide local and global anglers with all the relevant services for making exotic and adventurous fishing trips in Bangladesh. A.I.B. TOURS is keen to work and operate as a one-stop solution for all interested anglers interested to visit Bangladesh for a short or extended fishing trip.

Since 2011, we have traveled to almost every corner of Bangladesh to find suitable locations for hard-core anglers. Smooth communication and security have always been two of our main concerns. We think it is a huge responsibility to operate as a fishing tour operator. We don’t advertise about catching fish only but big and exotic species as well. To make this happen we have selected our locations very carefully to meet our visitors’ requirements.

In 2019, we undertook a massive project under the name of “MANGROVE AGRO & RESORTS” of constructing a dedicated venue at Savar for angling enthusiasts, both local and foreign. It’s a project of almost 35 acres and if everything goes as planned, it will be open for anglers from 2023.

We have arranged our fishing tours in a way that it’s not about catching big and exotic species only, but knowing a different Bangladesh as well.

Exciting fishing holidays rely on a combination of exotic species (preferably ferocious ones), great locations, and a well-planned itinerary that takes you to enjoyable surroundings with the minimum of fuss. We believe we have achieved the right balance, and that you will be excited by any one of our fishing holidays.

We make these fishing holidays affordable, not by cutting corners but by creating a style that is comfortable, not luxurious. We presume that you will be interested in getting to the fishing grounds quickly but stop short of chartering our own aircraft. We know you will want advice of tackle and fishing locations so we lay on local fishing guides. We do not bring expensive experts from the UK or USA. We hope that this will lure more and more anglers away in the long haul and that you experience some of the great diversity that is out there.