An Experiment with Pop up Hair Rigs


Pop up hair rigs are great ways of bait representation in angling. They not only provide with very good visibility in a weeded environment but give the freedom and great flexibility of playing with a wide range of flavors and extraordinary stability in extreme conditions as well. If properly set, a pop up hair rig becomes a very lethal weapon against any kind of fish. Pop up boilies are the most widely used traditional baits with this system. But in modern concept there are different varieties of baits can be used according to the targeted species. Usage of highly soluble and highly concentrated liquid based flavors in pop up hair rigs have become very popular now a days. Combined with raw particle based balls or pellets or simply corns, concentrated liquid based flavors with high nutrition value can be added with the help of a sponge ball or pellet to give a pop up hair rig a boom. The impact has been illustrated in the pictures. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

By: Nasim Hasan