Angling Around Dhaka: Kaliganga River


Kaliganga FishingWe get frequent queries from our valued visitors from various parts of the globe asking about good locations for extreme angling around Dhaka where they can chase for big giants. We will be frequently publish information about these types of natural angling locations in and around Dhaka. This time it is the mighty and beautiful Kaliganga river which takes about a 30 minutes drive from the Capital to reach.

Kaliganga RiverThe Kaliganga river is an important river in Dhaka Division. It is a tributary of the Dhaleshwari river. It cuts through the planes of Keraniganj and Nawabganj of Dhaka district and then emerges to the Jamuna river through Manikganj and Tangail districs. It is a healthy river system and it is one of few rivers around Dhaka which contains a great variety of flora and fauna andThe Kaliganga river is an important river in Dhaka Division. It is a tributary of the Dhaleshwari river every year hundreds of anglers visit this river for hooking their dream catch. This river is famous for its great and tasty fishes from long past. It is a home for Rohus, Catlas, Mrigal, Kalibaush, Boals(Wallago Attu) and giant Chitals(Spotted Knife fish).

There are few great hot spots where you can test your tackles to their maximum levels. If you start early in the morning from the capital, you can fish all day long and return back to Dhaka in the evening. There are several bazaar alongside this river. People are very friendly and helpful. You can fish from the bank or rent a boat from a villager for the whole day for your fishing. The Angling in Bangladesh Team is going to offer fishing tour packages shortly to various destination inside Bangladesh. Please keep in touch for updates and please write us if you have any specific required angling plan.

By: Nasim Hasan

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2 thoughts on “Angling Around Dhaka: Kaliganga River

  1. It is heartening to see this site in our country that does not even recognise angling as a sport. A Scottish friend told me that angling is the most participated sport in the world and much, much more than football. I go to Dhaleshwari in Kearaniganj for angling and it is a great trip. I have even written a piece on it, which will be published in the Daily Star Weekend Magazine next week hopefully.

    1. Thanks a lot for landing here. We have been trying with our limited resources to put Bangladesh into international angling arena. We are sure that if we work together it is not an impossible goal to achieve. We would love to hear about your angling experiences. Please join our facebook page and meet other fellow anglers. We wish you a wonderful stay with us.

      TEAM AIB

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