Our Angling Style

It is our core intention to provide you with the all necessary services for making your fishing holidays in Bangladesh the most authentic and memorable.

A fishing holiday abroad is something what most people don’t simply experience or recognize as a way of recreation. Any fishing holiday should be a special experience, and not one ruined by inconveniences and problems.

We aim to make every trip hassle free for you by including as much as we feel is reasonable, and offering you support for those things excluded.

We have vast knowledge about fishing in Bangladeshi waters. Most importantly we are anglers as well. In the past three years we have carefully selected spots, built communities with local anglers and now we think we have got most of the inputs we need to operate fishing holidays within Bangladesh. Everything has been done just for one reason, and that is to give you a completely hassle free and comfortable fishing experience.

Any time you feel that our standard terms are unsuitable for you, drop us a line and we’ll find a solution.

We will make sure you are as comfortable as you can be … whilst moving around … and wherever we stay.

We often include a short local flight so as to reduce the amount of driving required on a trip, to get all the way to the fishing grounds. We reckon that some driving is all part of the experience, and try to make that as comfortable as we can by not overloading the vehicles.

We sometimes camp for maximum flexibility – but do so with sufficient comforts to ensure that this aspect is, again, a positive wilderness experience.

A truly memorable fishing holiday should be one which you share with other like-minded individuals.

Our Tour Leaders will do their best to ensure that all anglers get to enjoy time together back in the camp. This need not be a rowdy drinking bout, but should certainly include great fishing and travel tales.

We do take group bookings but wherever we feel that a group would create an imbalance with one of our standard departures we will run a separate trip.

Non-fishing companions can join a group but must accept that the itinerary is set around the fishing.

We don’t supply any alcohol while we are on fishing. But we will make sure that you are well fed and that there’s a plentiful supply of other drinks.

We’ll then give you every opportunity to go fishing that the itinerary allows. It’s up to you to make sure you get the most out of that time in whatever way suits you best.