Annatto in Game Fishing


AnnattoAnnatto in game fishing is a new concept in Bangladesh. Sustainability and lower environmental impact is one of the most important topics in global recreational fishing nowadays. From these perspectives, annatto is a great choice in terms of bait making in recreational fishing. It is a proven ingredient to some of our local species, more specifically to catla.

Sixty to sixty five percent of it’s body mass is protein. In many laboratories around the world, scientists are researching to introduce annatto in poultry and fishery industries as a growth enhancer. Bixin and Norbixin, two of the major chemical compounds in annatto are proven catla attractant. Here I’d like to give you some ideas of how you can use annatto in game fishing.

Annatto in Groundbaits
You can use it directly in your groundbaits. Make raw annatto powder with a grinder. Mix the powder thoroughly and deliberately with your sweet groundbaits (মিষ্টি চার)। Let the mixture rest overnight. And it is ready to be used. You may ferment rice with annatto. It gives an excellent color and flavor to the fermented rice.

Annatto in Hookbaits
Use 50 grams of fine annatto powder with 1 KG of your catla bait (ছাতু)। Annatto Essential Oil can also be used to make your bait more appealing to catla.

Annatto Essential Oil
Annatto Seeds OilIt’s really a great attractant. Take 200ml of extra virgin olive oil in a pan. Put 4/5 spoons of annatto into that oil. Stir to thoroughly dip the annatto into the oil. Now, put it on the oven and start frying in very low heat. Keep on stirring. Stop the oven as soon as little bubbles are coming up. Keep on stirring and let it cool. Pour into an airtight glass jar. This oil is a great dipper for catla feeder baits (লাড্ডু) । You may use this oil to process your baits. You may use this oil in your groundbaits to maximize your chances.

The chemical constituents of annatto are highly active in atmospheric environment. So their actions become neutral very shortly. So, it is advisable to use annatto and annatto based ingredients afresh.

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