Bait Sling : Perfect Solution for Deep Water Groundbaiting

Bait Sling

Most long range anglers have faced the problem of placing groundbaits to their desired spots. Particularly, when the groundbaits are composed with particles and it must be sent to a good distance. Conventional groundbaiting methods permit us to put the groundbaits not more than 30 to 50 meters at best. But it is really a problem in situations like a large water-body where bigger fishes roam in deeper water or in a competition where success depends highly on distance and accurate groundbaiting.

Some may bring out different ideas like multiple-hooks (Jhunka Kata), treble hooks, catapults, PVA bags and many more. But none of the methods works for a distance of more than 60 meters. In most situations, groundbait balls break into pieces while throwing. Groundbaiting with boats can be a solution. But what in a situation where there is no boat around? Catapults also have their limitations. If we intend to use a catapult to throw our groundbait balls of standard size, say 60mm in dia, it would be huge in size and its portability and cost would be a big issue.

I have been looking for a workable and universal solution to this problem for quite long. In my consideration, the solution must be effective both in application and cost, portable and most importantly it must put my groundbait balls to a distance of more than 100 meter if required, and of course without breaking it up into pieces. Some may suggest to keep the groundbait balls small. But everyone knows that a standard ball of groundbait would be of a size of a tennis ball and would weigh about 150 to 200 grams.

Some may bring up the concept of groundbaiting using treble hooks. But, it is very time consuming. Imagine of throwing 25/30 balls of groundbaits. Making balls, putting into hooks, throwing to the desired distance and retrieving the line. It consumes about three minutes for each successful throwing. About one hour for 20 balls of groundbaits. Besides, we must snag the hooks out of the groundbait-balls. This way, it is impossible to get the work done without breaking the consistency of the ball.
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Finally, I have come across “Bait Sling” which amazingly solves all my problems. Bait Sling requires almost no cost at all, it can be made easily at home and it is highly effective. One can throw his groundbait balls more than 120 meters or more without breaking it. People have successfully sent their groundbaits to a distance of 160 meters in this method. It is simple and time saving. It is a wonderful solution for beach fishing, when it is required to chum a distance of more than 100 meters. One can adapt the method with a very little practice and take his angling experience to a new level. Here is a link of an idea how to make the Bait Sling out of a coke bottle in about 5 minutes:

The following YouTube video demonstrates wonderfully how it works.



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