Booking Process

Our primary priority is to provide you with the right fishing holiday; something that matches your schedule and requirements. It is easy if you are organizing a group. A standard tour can also be arranged for interested individual.

You can read how to make a booking below. If you just prefer to deal with a person then please feel free to email:

If you have any questions, comments or feedback relating to the booking process, please let us know

Browse the site

In the first stage you will browse our website and make an assessment. If you have reached this page then you have probably made a favourable assessment and are ready to start a booking. To do this you will now need to express your preference by taking out an Option.

Take out an Option

If you haven’t already done so, check out our Fishing Holidays: Dates and Prices here.

To take out an Option on any fishing holiday, either follow the link above, or email:

Please include:

  • Your full passport name;
  • How you would like to be known;
  • Your email address for correspondence (if different from the one you use to email us)
  • Your nationality;
  • The number of places you would like to reserve for yourself and any companions; and
  • Any additional information you think may be relevant, or any questions you may have.


We will need your personal details, acceptance of our Booking Conditions and payment of the deposit to Confirm the Booking (please see below).

We will let anglers know when their preferred fishing holiday has enough bookings to be sure of running. Normally, we will review the other Options 3 to 4 months out and contact those concerned. We will see what changes can best suit the most people.

We will refund deposits in full where we have been unable to meet minimum numbers and have failed to find an acceptable alternative.

Confirm the Booking

We allow two weeks (sometimes longer if requested) between you taking out an Option and confirming a booking. This allows you time to check your diary, to see whether friends are interested and to research your visa and flight requirements.

Confirming the booking is easy enough. We just need three things from you:

  • your full details;
  • your acceptance of our Booking Conditions; and
  • a deposit.


Details required

We need personal details to book your domestic flight, and contact details for you and your travel insurers.

Please note: It is a requirement of all our tours that you have adequate travel insurance to cover an emergency evacuation. You will be asked to supply sufficient details such that we would be able to make a call on your behalf, as in the worst case scenario this may be required.

We ask that you provide next of kin contact details. These are only for use in an emergency situation.

Booking Conditions

We also need you to accept Our Booking Conditions before we can confirm a booking.

These Booking Conditions are available from link above and the main menu, and will also be emailed to you once you have taken out an Option.

Payments: amounts, methods and timings

We will send a PayPal invoice for the deposit of 400 USD to your email address. Your personal details and payment must be received in full within 14 days of taking out an Option to secure your Booking.

If personal details are not supplied within this timeframe we may not be able to book the same flight for everyone and therefore cannot guarantee your place on tour.

If payment is not received and confirmed by PayPal within the time limit the Option will expire, unless you have prior agreement from us.

We will send another Paypal invoice for the balance remaining 45 days before the start date of the tour. This must be paid within 7 days to secure your place. Please email if this timing does not suit your diary. We will find a solution.

If your Option is taken out within 45 days of the departure, we will agree a revised payment schedule by email.

If you do not already have a PayPal account then it would be worth signing up in advance of this date to ensure that all runs smoothly.

If you are unfamiliar with PayPal then please read the following pages. These should convince you that we have chosen this method for your protection as much as for ours:

The key points:

  1. Paypal has highly rated security features;
  2. We do not see your credit card or banking details, nor have them to store on any of our systems; and
  3. You have recourse through Paypal’s Buyer Complaint Policy if you are not satisfied with our services.


Receive Further Information

Once your Booking is confirmed we will send you more information about your fishing holiday and how to get the most from it.

Those who have expressed an interest in getting to know their fellow anglers before the trip will be passed the relevant email addresses. The default for this option is ‘No contact except by Administration’.

Receive Further Support

Your support does not stop until after you have returned home as a satisfied customer. Feel free to email with any questions or comments – or call any of the numbers provided on your holiday voucher for more urgent matters.
Thank you for booking with We hope that was easy enough.