Anglers from Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungary, India, Russia, and Turkey came together at Sosnovy Bor of Leningrad region, Russia to complete in the first Rosatom International...
Herbs and Spices

Widely Used Spices And Herbs In Bangladeshi Baits

Spices and herbs are integral to the sport fishing in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The regions of Himalayan valleys and Ganges-Brahmaputra delta are well known for its wide...
Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Bangladesh Explained

Fly Fishing, Light Fishing, Spear Fishing
Fishing Flies

Fly Fishing in Bangladesh : Prospects and Possibilities

Fly fishing is a popular game in western countries. A real or artificial fly is used along with the hook for catching fish in fly fishing method....
Kuakata Sea Beach

Saltwater Fishing in Bangladesh

Many of our friends ask us if there is any opportunity for saltwater fishing in Bangladesh. We are really overwhelmed to see your interest about Bangladeshi angling,...
Golden Snapper

Record Sized Fishes of Bangladesh

Here are the pictures of some monster fishes that were caught in Bangladesh in the past few years. These pictures came in different national newspapers in different...
Dhaka Zoo Map

Angling in Dhaka National Zoo Lake

Dhaka National Zoo Lakes have always been prime destinations for anglers for decades. It consists of two great pristine lakes with great fishes like rohu, catla, mrigal,...
Kaliganga River

Angling Around Dhaka: Kaliganga River

We get frequent queries from our valued visitors from various parts of the globe asking about good locations for extreme angling around Dhaka where they can chase...

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