Introduction to Angling for Beginners

This is the introductory video of the Beginner's Series. In these videos, we'll be trying to explain to the new anglers about various bait and ground-bait concepts,...
Hair Rig With Spade Hooksvideo

Hair Rig With Spade Hook
Tour to Ramsagar Lakevideo

Tour to Ramsagar Lake in Dinajpur District – July 2017 It's been a tremendous experience of fishing at the famous Ramsagar lake in Dinajpur District. It's an honour to having the company of wonderful people like Matin Bhai of Hillie and...
Introduction to Modern Fishing Tacklesvideo

An Introduction to Modern Fishing Tackles- Part – 1 This is an introductory video of the modern fishing tackles. If you are intending to adapt to feeder fishing with hair rigs, then you are bound to...
Discussion About Fishing Feedersvideo

A Comprehensive Discussion About Fishing Feeders
Sokaler Bangladeshvideo

At Sokaler Bangladesh in Jamuna TV
Exclusive Interviewvideo

Exclusive Interview of Nasim Hasan in NTV
Bottle and linevideo

Awesome Catch with Bottle and Line

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