Easy Hookbait for Catla


Catla-catlaIf you are in a tight schedule and you don’t have enough time for going to the bait-shop then you can confidently use this easy hookbait for catla. It works as good as the traditional catla chhatu (ছাতু: particle mix),  maybe even better.

For Base Mix You Will Need

  1. 1 KG of Field corn (ভুট্টা)
  2. 1/2 KG of Cheak Peas (ছোলা)
  3. 1/2 KG of Fragranced Rice (সুগন্ধী চাউল)

For Spice Mix You Will Need:

  1. 50 Grams of Pure Ghee (খাঁটি ঘিঁ)
  2. 2 Pieces of Nutmegs (জা‌য়ফল)
  3. 4-5 Pieces of Mace Strands (যৈ‌য়ত্রী)
  4. 10-12 Pieces of Cardamom (এলাচ)
  5. 1/2 Inch of Cinnamon (দারুচিনি)

You will also need:

  • A Stove (চুলা)
  • A Fry-Pan (কড়াই)
  • A big Bowl (গামলা)
  • A Powder Strainer (ছাকনী)
  • A Spoon for Stirring (চামচ)

And finally, you’ll also need (the most important of all) ‘Common Sense’. In fact, a lot of it.

How to Prepare:

  • Alright, if you have collected the above items and if you have a good common sense then we can start.
  • Mildly fry all the Base Mix Items. Fry them carefully so that they don’t burn into black.
  • Thoroughly mix all three items together and grind them into fine powder.
    Separate 1/2 KG of this powder and put it into the bowl.
  • Break the outer shells of the nutmegs and break the inner kernels to tiny pieces.
  • Break the cinnamon into small fragments as well.
  • Now, put the pan on the stove.
  • Put the ghee in the pan and heat it up slowly.
  • Put all the spices altogether in the Ghee and start stirring.
  • Do it in a low heat so that the spices don’t burn.
  • When everything becomes light brown put the separated base mix into the pan and thoroughly stir-mix the powder with the spice-mix.
  • Keep the heat low so that nothing burns.
    When the whole thing is properly mixed and fried, a nice and appealing fragrance would come from it.
  • Stop the stove, put the mix into a big bowl and let the mix cool down.
  • When it is cold enough to comfortably hold with bare hands, slowly rub the mix using your both hands.
  • Do it over and over until the cardamoms, mace and other things get completely smashed.
  • Now with a powder strainer, strain the powder and remove the buckles and other particles.
  • After straining store the mixture into an airtight jar.

How to Use:

  • Now, take about 1/2 kg of raw Base-Mix in your bait making bowl.
  • Take about 5/6 handful (মুঠো) of the above mixture into it.
  • Mix them thoroughly with your both hands.
  • Add about 3 teaspoons of local liquor, 50 grams of coconut oil and 50 grams of honey into it and mix them very well.
  • Add about 100 grams of ant larvae in it. Just softly mix the ant larvae with your fingers.
  • Don’t smash or break them. Your bait is ready to rock.

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