Our Fishing Trips

To satisfy most of our clients we have customized our fishing trips in Bangladesh into three categories. Each category has been made to fulfill your requirements and to provideĀ  you with the best fishing experience possible. If you think that none of the categories suits your requirements please drop us a few line. We are always there to customize a tour plan solely designed for you.


These trips are basically customized for those busy people who are dying hard for a day out of the busy city life and spend their times with friends and families in a completely serene environment and enjoy the whole day in fishing. These packages are focused to provide you with maximum comfort and luxury side by side. In most cases you will be taken to our partner-resorts, private lakes or fisheries to give you a memorable fishing experience.


Multi-day fishing trips are consists of two or more days of fishing. These packages are customized mostly for the semi-extreme to extreme anglers whose intentions are not catching fish only, but catching a specimen as well. Under these packages we will take you to big rivers, natural lakes or big sanctuaries for fishing. We are committed to make these kinds of trips as comfortable as possible. But we cannot ensure luxury all the time for the circumstantial matters.


Extended fishing trips are customized for completely extreme anglers. These trips cover more than a week and sometimes even a month. You will travel around rivers, lakes, natural water bodies and even the Bay of Bengal for catching big and a wide variety of fishes. It is all about lost in wilderness and you must be physically and mentally fit for every possible situation for our Extended Fishing Trips. You will travel through exotic locations and come across the original lifestyle of Bangladeshi people. Sometimes you will be staying with the rural Bangladeshi people. Sometimes you will be spending nights on boats, in sleeping bags or in camp tents. You will come across theĀ pristine hillside lakes, mighty rivers, conservations. Sometimes we will completely depend of locally available supply of foods. But above all it’s all about big games.

We request you to read the individual trips thoroughly and carefully before making any booking.