Fishing in Arunima Countryside and Golf Resort

wpid-img_1215051526699.jpegThis tour is customized for those who want to have a relaxing time with adequate fishing opportunities with friends and families. Arunima Countryside and Golf Resort is an agro-based resort. It is also a sanctuary to many wild animals specially for birds. You will be amazed to see millions of migratory and local birds inside the resort. It has star-rated arrangements for accommodation and foods. If you want a really peaceful and serene environment to enjoy your weekend or holiday without any fuss and dying hard for escaping the busy Dhaka city, then this is the perfect destination for you. The venue has been developed for practicing a catch & release method of fishing. But if you intend to keep any fish, or want to have it Bar-B-Qued or smoked or in any other process at your lunch or dinner, just let us know. Everything will be arranged to give you the moments of your lifetime. Please note that, some additional but affordable charges will be implied for the fish and its preparation.

The Boat House
The Boat House

Duration: 2 Days and 1 Night

Trip Category: Semi-Wild (Lake and River Fishing).

Target Species: Rohu, Catla, Mrigal, Grass Carp and Black Carp.
Wallago attu, Giant Goonch (From October to January )

Day 1:
1. We will pick you up from the capital Dhaka by 8:00 AM and start straight to the resort. It is a three and half hour trip and we will be at the magnificent Arunima Resort at around 12:00 PM.

2. You will have a little refreshments followed by the lunch by 2:30 PM.

3. You will be taken to the fishing spot soon after the lunch and without any further delays you will be fishing until the evening.

4. You will be served snacks and coffee at the fishing spot.

Inside Chalets

5. At this point you will be given few choices for enjoying the evening. We recommend you to take a trip to the beautiful Madhumati river on a boat. If you are visiting from September to January, we will arrange a river fishing for you to catch a mighty wallago attu or a monster goonch.

In case of fishing at night, dinner will be served at the fishing spot.

6. Alternatively you may enjoy the serene wilderness of the nature in the resort. The resort is equipped with a nice bar with a nice collection of liquors and a grand swimming pool.

7. At this point we suggest you to go to your bed and have a sound sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.

The Beautiful Madhumati River
The Beautiful Madhumati River

Day 2:

1. We will start fishing from the dawn. This is the day when you have got the chance for catching your dream fish. So, evey moment is important.

2. By 8:00 AM, breakfast with be served at the fishing spot. And we will continue to fish until 12:30 PM.

3. We will take a short break of 30 minutes for taking shower but if you want to continue with fishing there will be no break.

4. Lunch will be served by 1:30 to 2:00 PM either in the dining room or at your fishing spot. Choice is yours.

5. Now you have few hours left to catch your dream fish.

6. By 4:00 PM we will stop fishing. And start for Dhaka after a little refreshments.

7. We will drop you in your hotel or at your location and that will be the end of the trip.


The Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool

Note: If you want to extend your program you are welcome. We can arrange for a sightseeing tour around the surrounding areas if you like to. The monument of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is just half an hour of drive way from the resort. Or you may have a visit to the Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forest in the world from here. The museum of S. M. Sultan, one of the greatest artists of Bangladesh is very close. There are many exciting activities that you may like to enjoy. Just let us know. We will extend the trip and customize it to suit your requirements and budget.

** Additional charges will be implied in case of any extension of the tour.

** It is our soul desire to give you a great trip. However, if you find any of our offers contradicts your requirements, please feel free to let us know. We will try to figure out the best possible solutions to meet your expectations.