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Fishing in Bangladeshi River

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. It is also the biggest delta of the world. Since the prehistoric time the people of this country has been depending on these rivers for their own survival. Fishes have been an essential part of Bengali foods. There is a saying ‘rice and fish make the Bengali’. And there are not so many countries where fishes can be in such wide varieties. So, catching fish has always been a part of Bengali lifestyle. Angling in Bangladesh has its own charm and excitement. Some of the biggest Asian rivers
have flown over the country. The country has more than 300 kilometers of shoreline. An UNDP survey in recent year published that about 6.5 percent of Bangladesh is permanently waterland, 20 to 25 percent deeply flooded and 35 to 40 percent shallow wetlands which occasionally go under water during monsoon. Country with this amount of water-land creates a huge opportunity for angling and our objective of this blogging is exploring chances and sharing our experiences and knowledge with the fellow anglers.

The angling season is about to begin here in 15 to 20 days. Most rivers are now full of life and strength because of monsoon water flow. Fishes have already hatched their eggs by now and they are about to start feeding in a very short time. Anglers are taking preparation for the emerging angling season. Some have already prepared their ground baits and have kept them under the process of seasoning for better performance. There is one thing which most Bangladeshi anglers regret about is that in Bangladesh we do not have any all-in-one tackle shop at all. It is really pathetic that there are only about 6 to 13 tackle shops in the whole country. We can’t find quality equipments in those shops. Mostly Chinese and Korean low grade products that we are bound to purchase as there are no alternatives. Some enthusiastic anglers collect famous branded equipments through different channels, but sometimes it requires a significant amount of money.

If someone wishes to give a try in Bangladeshi waters, I personally recommend to bring his equipments extensively. Because if he thinks to buy any particular item from Bangladesh, it is almost obvious that he will not get it. For example, if you like any particular flavor or recipe for carp fishing, please come with a little extra amount of your bait items . Because going out of baits is more painful than returning without any fish.

By;Nasim Hasan

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