Ten Liquid Bait Additive Formulas


Bait additives or attractants are essential in carp or cat fishing. They are used in all over the world in various forms. The concept of particle baits and feeder fishing methods have opened various doors to explore the possibilities of liquid bait additives. Because particle can be used in dry form and anyone can impregnate his baits with a huge range of liquid bait additives or attractants. Here I would like to share some of the liquid bait additives with all of you. I hope this would help you to have an idea about what these are and how they function in different situations.

1. Chocolat à la Crème
chocolateCreamThis is an all time liquid bait additive. But it works the best in winter. Processing is very simple yet highly effective. Catla loves it like nothing else. Take about 150 ml of water in a pan. Start boiling. When the water is warm enough put 5 spoons of milk powder and 5 spoons of sugar in it. Add around 70 ml of Hershey’s Liquid Chocolate. Stir the mixture thoroughly until the sugar is totally mixed. Preserve in a cool place. Dip your bait in it before casting.


2. Milk Cheese Punch

cheeseThis is one of the strongest liquid bait additive being used in Bangladeshi game fishing. The Chittagong version of this stuff can rise even a dead man. However, I love it at a moderate level. And my version seems to be working just fine. You will need 250 grams of farm cheese for it. Cut the cheese into cubic little pieces and put these cubes in a bowl full of water. Keep it there overnight. This will reduce the amount of salt in the cheese. In the morning drain the water away from the bowl. Mildly press the cheese cubes to bring the excess water in them. Now, take 1.5 litter of pure milk in a pan and start boiling. When the amount of milk reduces to 1 litter add mix those pieces of cheese. The cheese will be melt entirely into the milk. Boil a little more and stop the oven. Let it cool down. Put the thing in one or two plastic bottle(s) and store it in a dark and safe place. It’ll be ready after 20 days.


3. Ant Larvae Soup
anteggsThis one is very easy to make. But this is also a very effective liquid bait additive for mrigal and catla. Insert 250 grams of ant larvae into a 1 litter plastic bottle. Fill three fourth of the bottle with pond water. Press hold the bottle to let the inside air out of the bottle. Put the cap on the bottle. Give it a good shake. Store in an isolated place. Let the gas out once in a while by opening the cap. After two months most of the ant larvae will be dissolved in the water and it’ll be ready to use. You can use it as a dipper with catla baits. For maximum output take about 500 grams of finely powdered brown mud. Slowly add and mix this liquid with the mud. Give it a consistency of making small soft balls with the mud. Put the balls in your groundbaited area. Don’t forget to use a pair of hand gloves.


4. Molasses Magic
molassesIn a pan take 2 tablespoons of pure ghee. Heat it up slowly. Add 3/4 cardamoms, 1/2 inch of cinnamon, 1 star anise. Fry them mildly. Don’t burn them. Now, add 2 cups of water into it. Mix thoroughly. When the mixture is bubbling, add 50 grams of good molasses. Stir until the molasses is melt properly and evenly. You may add a little water if it becomes too sticky. You may improvise by adding 3/4 spoons of yogurt for the punch of lactic acid.


5. Coconut Caramel
DSCN9233If you are a club level as well as a hardcore catla angler, you must have this liquid bait additive in your tackle box. Squize out the milk of a matured coconut. Mix with little water. Start boiling the coconut milk in low temperature. Add 3 cardamoms, 1/2 inch of cinnamon and 3/4 strands of saffrons. Then add 10 teaspoons caramel syrup (you may use brown sugar instead). Mix everything evenly and thoroughly. Cook everything in low temperature. When you get a mild stickiness stop cooking. Store it in a cool place. It is advised to use this mixture while preparing the baits as well as toppings on laddu. Bighead and Silver carps are also very fond of this one.


6. Madhuka Mania
mIndicaThis one is very favorite to big catlas. But small catlas seem to be very shy toward it. The basic ingredient is dried Madhuka Indica flowers. In a grinder grind about 50 grams of dried Madhuka flowers. Take about 300ml of water in a pan and start heating. Add 6/7 teaspoons of sugarcane sugar and mix it well. Put the grounded Madhuka flowers and slowly stir in low temperature. After just 5 minutes stop cooking and cool it down. From this stage don’t touch anything with your hands. When it is cold put the whole thing in a sterilized glass jar. Cover the mouth of the jar with rubber bands and tissue paper. Keep it in a warm and dark place for 20 days. To get better results, use a little with your groundbaits and dip your hookbaits just before casting.


7. Pineapple Punch
Pineapple-JuiceBelieve it or not, pineapple juice is really a great liquid bait additive in carp fishing. Anglers around the world have been using this for centuries. Pineapple juice is a great source of pyridoxine which triggers the naevus system of the fish. Pineapple is one of the highest bromelain containing fruits in the world. Bromelain is a kind of antioxidant and enzymes that help the digestion process. It has everything to break down essential amino acids from protein contents. Most importantly, fish can detect it more faster than anything else. The abundant amount of Vitamin-C in pineapple increases the palatability of your baits. If you really want to supercharge your baits, make some juice (say 250ml) with fresh pineapple. Add 5 spoons of honey. And you are ready to rock.


8. Makkoli
makkoliYou will need a sterilized glass jar and some yeast for this. Take 250 grams of fragranced rice. Wash them very well by changing water at least 5 times. Cook softly. At this point you are being advised not to touch anything with your hands. And your utensils must be super clean and germ free. However, after cooking the rice let it be cold. When the rice is cold put into the glass jar. Add 1/2 litter of mineral water and stir well. Take a cup of mildly warm water and add 2 spoons of yeast in it and mix well. Put this yeast-mixed water into the glass jar and mix thoroughly with rice. Cover the opening of the jar with a fine fabric and secure it with a piece of rubber band or two. Keep in a warm dark place. In each three days, giving it a good stir with a clean spoon and keep it as it was. It will be ready to use after 10 days. First clean your both hands very well. Take a clean bowl and put the thing in it from the jar. Rub very well with both of your hands. Add 1/2 litter of water in the bowl and rub again. Strain the liquid with a clean cotton fabric. Bring out as much juice as you can. Store this white juice into refrigerator after putting into bottles. The final product is a great additive for catla. Use it to prepare your laddu baits as well as to dip the baits before casting. The residue is also a great bait ingredient.


9. Seductive Spices
Take 50 grams of star anise, 25 grams of annatto seeds, 10 pieces of fish berries and and 1 inch of cinnamon. Make fine powder with them. Take 250ml of extra virgin olive oil in a clean glass jar. Put all the grounded spices in it and give it a good shake. Tightly seal the jar and keep it in a safe place. Shake well in every 3 days. It’ll be ready after 20 days. Put 2/3 drops on your baits just before casting.


10. Lunatic Musk
This is the most critical to make yet the most searched and discussed bait additive for carp fishing in all over the world. You will need 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 10 ml of the oil of cumin and 5 ml of deer musk tincture. Mix the above ingredients in a glass bottle and give it a good shake. Store in small 5 ml glass bottles. Put a drop in your bait before casting.

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  2. Got plan to go angling this weekend. I will prepare a few of them tonight and see how they perform. Will report back the result. BTW: Love to read this blog.

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