Tour to Ramsagar Lake in Dinajpur District – July 2017


It’s been a tremendous experience of fishing at the famous Ramsagar lake in Dinajpur District. It’s an honour to having the company of wonderful people like Matin Bhai of Hillie and Jhontu Bhai of Naugaon. Though I could not manage to meet Raja bhai of Thakurgaon, I felt his unseen gesture everywhere during my short stay in Dinajpur.

I would like to thank the Ramsagor Authority, specifically the DC of Dinajpur for successfully organising the program irrespective of lots of unexpected obstacles. Thanks to Shawon Robi for his continuous communication for our well being. A very special thank to Noyon for everything he had done for the whole team.

Finally, I have no words to express my to thanks and gratitude to Maruf Bhai of Naugaon for his invitation and his hospitality. It’s been an exciting program indeed and it would never be possible without all the hard works he had undergone.

However, it’s been an honour to fish with you guys and I will surely do it again whenever I get the opportunity.

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