Angling in Dhaka National Zoo Lake

Dhaka Zoo Map
Dhaka Zoo Map

Dhaka National Zoo Lakes have always been prime destinations for anglers for decades. It consists of two great pristine lakes with great fishes like rohu, catla, mrigal, kalibaus, catfish etc. Anyone can go fishing from 6:00am to 7:00 pm for a fee of 2000 Taka with 3 rods. Ticket for fishing in Dhaka National Zoo Lakes should be booked prior to the angling trip. Inclusion of a helping man is permitted with the same package, that means you can take another person with you in the same cost.

There are two lakes inside the zoo. The Northern Lake is little bigger than the Southern Lake. Which lake to go depends on the  individual choice. But Most people prefer to fish in the Northern Lake. There are two restaurants where you can get foods (mainly fast foods and snacks) and drinks. Beside this, if you need any kind of first aid you may contact Veterinary Surgeon of Information Center near the entrance gate.

By: Nasim Hasan

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    1. Thanks for the information Mr. Maidul Islam. We have updated the post with the latest information.

  1. it’s a fine article for the angler but missing some parameter like where to book, contact number, person who is responsible for booking etc. it should be better if this information are included.

    1. Mr. Islam, we haven’t offered any package yet. We are in the last minute sorting of offering angling adventure in Bangladesh. Everything will be published in our website shortly. Thanks for your interest. Please keep in touch.

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