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    Few Secrets About Catla Baits


    Catla (Scientfic Name: Catla Catla; in Bangali: ‘কাতলা’) is considered as one of the most desired species of fish to catch by extreme anglers. It requires a much higher level of angling, passion, serenity, hard work for hunting catla. This is one of the most distinguished species of carp family which is found only in…

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    Widely Used Spices And Herbs In Bangladeshi Baits


    Spices and herbs are integral to the sport fishing in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The regions of Himalayan valleys and Ganges-Brahmaputra delta are well known for its wide varieties of flora and fauna. Fish and fishing have paved the lifestyle of the people of these regions. Fishing with rods and reels has always been a favorite…

    Baits Tackles & Tips

    Groundbait Recipes for Carp Fishing

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    We are frequently asked by the beginners about groundbait recipes for carp fishing in Bangladesh, especially for species like rohu, catla and mrigal. Most of the good anglers basically keep a variety of alternatives for their groundbait preparation to fit in different conditions which is actually one of the biggest secrets of their higher success…

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    Record Sized Fishes of Bangladesh


    Here are the pictures of some monster fishes that were caught in Bangladesh in the past few years. These pictures came in different national newspapers in different times. We have tried to give the original sources of the photo for authenticity. This 240 KG Baghair was caught in January 2008 from Kushiyara river and was brought…

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    Naikhyongchhori Fishing Expedition

    After the relatively unsuccessful tour to the Naikhyongchhori lake in the last March, we were obvious of going back there for fishing. In fact this lake is not barren. It has some fish that can take any angler’s breath away. On the 2nd of May this year, our Chittagong team, headed by Shawkat Hossain decides…

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